Hopefully the first action will be to get rid of Perez.

Inkjet printers aren't going to do it for them, no matter how big, fast or cheap they are. Might not be a bad business to be in but it ain't a save the company strategy. Find something to do where they can apply their coating technology. Do some REAL marketing to convince photo enthusiasts and artists that film is a beautiful (but, yes, niche) medium and they are missing something by not using it. Continue to introduce films that make digital even more so look like crap. Find a way to apply your film technologies to readily available, economical, everybody can afford it, digital output. Market film to people (ie your mother) who don't want to ^%$#% around with computers. Get the photo magazines to run an article about film here and there. Make up with Walmart.

They really should have kept the pharmaceutical business and selling the health imaging group was a HUGE mistake.