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I am not a stickler for verbal pedantry; I am a stickler for clear content that displays conceptual understanding of a topic, as it is in everyone's benefit. This is not about formality of language or absolute correctness in every statement. It is about clearing up errors in the understanding of the way the things behind the question being asked work. I'm "A Person" who wants to increase a use of language that displays and clearly communicates understanding of an issue, and does not display and propagate all-too-common misunderstandings about a topic. And when I attempt to contribute so someone's understanding of an issue in a brief and helpful way, and that person then states that they, in fact, have full understanding even when their language has repeatedly stated otherwise, I feel that a slightly more detailed assertion of my point is called for before giving up.
Fair enough. And to be honest, I spoke too soon when writing that reply. We had our discussion yesterday and so I saw that and started typing immediately without really rereading the OP. And once I posted it, I didn't want to delete it for reasons of online-fairness.

I thought that initially you were saying that the darkening of a blue sky, for instance, wasn't effecting contrast but tonal relationships, and that seemed like splitting hairs. But I see now that the OP did communicate a misunderstanding with regards to overall contrast and printing grades, etc.

I really must start "thinking before typing".... I had a similar problem in grade-school with speaking....