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Thank you all for your answers.

Now I have a doubt: Is ignition by spark or by fuse in comercial bulbs?

Well... I intend to use aluminium foil as this is what I have handy. (I eat a lot of chocolate.) Of course magnesium foil or zirconium wire would be better, but where to get? I also think some of the big bulbs avaible from manufacturers were filled with aluminium foil.
First of all, ignition was neither by spark or fuse. It was by flame. Essentially, the priming compound caught fire, which ignited the flashbulb.

Aluminum foil will work fine, but not in the thickness that is sold in stores. The aluminum foil has to be either extremely thin or finely shredded in order for it to ignite. The same goes for magnesium and zirconium, but they're easier to form than aluminum