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Most of the cameras with the name Swinger use film which is no longer available. They either used roll film or square pack film, both have been gone for many years. You can make sure that this is the case by looking up your particular camera on the Land List at http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landdcam.htm. If it is just a Swinger and has no modifiers at all on the name, it used roll film and that is indeed very long gone. If it is the Big Swinger, you are in luck, the Fuji pack film will fit.

The land list site may also have assistance with the battery issue, if the camera uses available film.

Yup. The film is long gone as it was the roll film. *shrugs* My husband wants to take a look at it and see if any modifications can be made to it or just take the whole thing apart and scavenge the plastic lens and housing for it. *shrugs*

Or I might give it to one of my ball joint dolls as a prop.