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Since you sound like you're not at all sure of what you want or need
I'm not really sure how to explain... I tend to get close to the "subject" of the landscape, in a more... selective way? It's why i'm interested in movements - being able to get more control over focus or even perspective seems like an interesting ability. The problem is that i've never had them on any other camera, so i'm not entirely sure what i want in terms of extremity.

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What he said: my Crown graphic can go from packed to shot in 30 seconds, including a flash charge (assuming the batteries are fresh).
The Super Graphic (or MPP/Lihof not forgetting Japanese clones) can do the same and have significantly more movements as well as revolving backs.
Before this i hadn't heard of the super graphic, but it looks really nice! No rear movements, but it's a tenth the price of a Linhof. Should i be worried about the electronics and stuff in it?

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You don't really need the size of 4x5 unless you print big all the time, i.e. larger than 16x20. If you use nothing but fast films, there would probably be an advantage too. There is a lot to be said for the convenience and cost factor of roll film (not to mention the availability of different products to fill your backs with). There are 6x9 options out there with plenty of movement for decent prices. I would look into the Horseman medium format technical cameras with their matching lenses.
I don't think i need the size of 4x5, but far as convenience and cost go, i'm not too concerned. It takes me quite a while to get through the 8 shots i get out of 6x9. I probably won't get more than 3 or 4 film holders. I'm leaning towards 4x5 because there are more options, and if necessary i can slap a 6x9 back on it anyway. I already have a 645, so it would be nice to have something way bigger.