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What do you think about the Zorki 1?
I like mine a lot. It's not a Leica, that's for sure. But for as little as I paid for it (and it came with a 50mm f2.0 Jupiter 8 which it really sharp) and the fact that I can use my collapsible Industar f3.5 on it (which is also really sharp at f8) and it fits into a coat pocket nicely I'm super happy with it.

Get a Zorki 1 and an old Sekonic light meter. You'll be fine.


Another option to consider is the Canon QL17 GIII. It has both manual and shutter priority, accurate metering, and a really nice f1.7 45mm lens. It also has (and most of them you find on ebay come with it) a low power but dedicated flash that is pretty tasty. Add to it all that the QL stands for "Quick Load" (and the first time you try to load that Zorki 1 in a hurry you'll know why I recommend the Canon) that lets you literally drop a roll in, lay the film across a platen, shut the film door, and wind. It's a great, quiet (leaf shutter!), inobtrusive (nice and small) photojournalism camera.

They can be had for about $40 or so on eBay or at your local camera boneyard. The GL17 is my walking around camera