Just sharing a pleasant experience since questions about sourcing photo chemicals in the GTA come up often. I was running short on Sodium Sulphite and started searching the archives for info on providers in the GTA. Found:
Nymoc Products Co. Address: 24 McGee Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2K9, Canada
Phone: +1 416 465-1929
Called them today and spoke with a nice fellow by the name of Murray. They will pack the chemicals that I wil be able to pick up 2 hours later.
Better than I ever expected.
Unfortunately they are open M-F/ 9-5 so I need to leave work early to make it there before 5PM.
I will go there next Mon; since they have no website or email I will try to get more info on what photo chemicals they sell and give you an update. Have a great week-end