I've also wanted to use unperforated film in a 35mm camera. I've modified a few by wrapping electrical tape around the toothed spindle until the it becomes a friction drive instead of a sprocket drive. Will work, but you have to put up with non-standard spacing which sucks for scanning. Anyway, the best way is to get a EOS 10s or EOS 10qt. It does not require sprocket holes for film positioning and will give you very nicly spaced exposures. Currently (2011), these bodies go for less than peanuts on eBay. I got 1 for $20 and one recently for $1. Shipping is on top of that, but still very good for a great advanced camera body. However, a deteriorating bumper in the camera causes the infamous tar on the shutter blades. Can be cleaned easily enough with napthea. Just thought I'd share this for the good of the community.