Well I exercise the 5th on that one!! It was a birthday gift and I sorely needed one...

See the attached images (these I took of my own bag rather than quick google search)

It's not bad really.. just about perfect height to stand a 35mm on its end, but not much room for lenses... I have two stacked on top of each other, and then the long 200mm takes up its own area... Creative use of the velcro spaces but overall cramped.

EDIT: Oh, P.S. That's most of my kit there. There's a 50mm f/1.8 I left out and in lieu of the 28-75mm zoom (which may be bad, so the 50mm may go back in). Other than that, my old tripod, and my Power Winder A (which I don't use all the time) that's my gear.

EDIT2: P.P.S. When I just had a couple lenses and didn't bother storing the flash in there, it was rather nice. But as your kit grows, so must your bag.