Writing to you beachside at La Concha in San Juan on our last day of vacation. Many thanks to all of you, especially eddym, for the great advice. Flying Camera, you were right about the 100 film. I listened to you and happily had some Acros with me which turned out to be perfect. For anyone planning a trip that enjoys landscapes, here's some tips.

In fajardo ask a local how to get to la playa escondida behind seven seas beach. You take a little trail at the end of the main beach, hike about half a mile and pass two of the nicest secluded beaches I've ever seen. Stop at playa colorada, the first one, and you've got an awesome early shot of the light house from afar with foreground rocks and crashing waves.
In Yunca rainforest, forget about it, the tropical forest photo ops are all over. Low light, so bring a light tripod.
Driving along any portion of the ruta panoramica you'll find abundant rolling hill/mountain/valley/puffy cloud shots.
In rincon, get stoked on some gnarley surfer shots and sunsets with a medalla in one hand and your girl in the other.
Going to Old San Juan shortly, so we'll see what that brings. All in all, es un pais meravilloso. Muchas gracias a todos y buen provecho.