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Sunpaks are unreiable vs YongNuo, new YN flashes are much better imho.. I had 3x 433 models break on me. They burn out. I prefer manual power flashes anyway though. YN = cheap for new and reliable, RF602 transmitters (RF-603s shouild be out too) = awesome they work with my RB67 too.

In any case, Ring Flash Adapter is what you want. Slides on an existing flash and pipes the light around a ring around the lens.
Not had any problem with Sunpaks, myself. They're all old ones-don't know about the newer ones. Also my Pentax flashes were made by Sunpak; no problems with those either. Problems with one model don't necessarily mean problems with another, but as I said, I don't know about newer ones.
IMO those adapters suck. Big clumsy things, and no way to turn off one half, except to mask it.