Hello Mustafa,

My information source is the book of B.Lavédrine.
I want to try to make exactly how it is describe in the book.
You can find all the products in the book, but by example for the pale latex crepe, i have to find an enterprise which is ready to sell me 5 kilo. Otherwise you have to buy 1 ton at the exporter.

I think that pressing the glass is not the most difficult moment. For me, the Lumière use a machine, because it's too long if a person must do it. The machine press at 7000 kilo, but at the end of the needle you have perhaps 70 kilo. Someone in my photo club work on industrial press..he said me that he is ready to help me....I thought in something : I will drill the ball of a ball bearing, put an axe, a handle and press myself....perhaps it will work.

Thank you for your link, i'm gone read it.