A Plaubel Makina 67 I am looking at buying has a slight haze in the main viewfinder. Does anyone have any experience with the success of repair shops cleaning the viewfinder?

Short of finding a Plaubel brand lens hood, I'm also looking for suggestions for the best lens hood for a 67/670. BHPhoto has a metal hood made by B+W that looks similar to the original Plaubel hood. But I'm not sure if a lens cap made for the 67 would fit this.

Also, as far as the lens cap, has anyone found a replacement cap for the 67? Again, I've seen 90mm caps at BHPhoto by Schneider and Nikon, but not sure if they will fit.

My last question regards service. Does anyone have any feedback regarding the quality of service at either Nippon Photo Clinic or Plaubel in Germany?

Any feedback would be most appreciated!