I went to the Albany (NY) C.A.M.E.R.A. show last weekend. What I saw:

35MM: the usual collection of bodies and lenses. I really didn't pay a lot of attention to this section.

MF: There was some. A very notable presence was that Greg Heisler was there with a large collection of bodies and lenses. I thought it was interesting that a professional portraitist would be selling so much high-end gear.

LF: Very little 4x5 gear, and no smaller equipment. There was one Calumet 8x10, and Heisler had a Deardorff 8x10 studio camera (definite portability issues!) with no price tag.

Darkroom: there was almost NO darkroom stuff at all. I saw one or two Nikor tanks, and perhaps a couple of reels. No trays, enlargers, timers, or the other stuff that you normally see at these shows.

Books: There is one dealer who regularly comes to this show to sell books, and while he was there, his selection was very limited this time around. Curious.

Digital: lots of cameras, memory cards, and other digital paraphenalia.

Overall: five years ago this show filled a gymnasium. This past weekend, it was down to a meeting room at a cheap hotel, and even then there were a couple of empty tables. I can recall coming home with a bag of goodies - last Fall, I bought one lens cap, while this past Sunday I only got a book (Sally Mann's Immediate Family). And the attendance is tracking the level of commercial activity - downward.