QUOTE (dnmilikan @ May 22 2003, 11:45 AM)
This gives me a zone I density of .10 density above fb+fog.

I have never understood why anyone cares about Zone I. It's density is not useful in any way since it's on the non-linear portion of the curve. Suppose you get a Zone I of .35 over f+b How do you adjust it? And even if you do find the "proper" .1 over f+b, it tells you nothing about how to adjust for the zones you do care about; namely zones III-VIII.

In reply to the question about the reason for assigning a .10 density (over B+F) for a Zone 1 value. There is a very good reason, as I see it, it enables us to learn about the characteristics of our film. I posted an image the other day which I titled "Counterpoint". I will repost it for purposes of illustration. If I had assigned a .35 density for my Zone 1 negative value, I would have had the ice in the image at about Zone XVI. The highlights would have been lumped on the shoulder with very little if any separation. As it was I assigned my deepest values a Zone II exposure, the ice then fell on Zone XIII and I was able to bring the density into printable parameters by developing by inspection using ABC Pyro. The print did require additional sharp masking to gain better shadow separation.