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Acouple of things... Someone posted a long time ago how to take the front piece off a trashed rb body and mount it on a lens board to use with rb lens. The trick is toget the cocking of the shutter correct. I have the front piece, just never got aroundtoit so it's just another project.

I have no idea of coverage. Some claims seem a bit outrageous.

The rb backs will fit a Grafex back. I have used it on my 2x3 Speed. But ya know... I think the film plane offset is just not quite correct. The negatives are a bit..soft.


tim in san jose
Tim (and anybody else interested in this),
I've posted a pdf of the RB lensboard page here: http://cid-5f9b69ac980337e6.office.l...nfo%20page.pdf

Not perfectly formatted, but until I get my website back up (after a 3 year ordeal to successfully get my domain name back...), I wanted that info to be available.