Lousy quality prints killed film, the kind you get for 6 cents on Tuesdays. People don`t know what a good print is supposed to look like.

Digital was supposed to save that. Sorry. Same people who made poor prints from film now make poor prints from digital. They don`t understand process control.

So images reside on computers etc and are a mystery to most. The technology is out there to get simply dutiful prints from film or digital for sure, people simply do not know how to access it. They do understand 6 cents on Tuesday. Then they give up.

Kodak might survive if they went back into the processing business, send your files over the internet, and get back prints. Snap Fish, MPIX, and others do ok with this model.

I have a local pro lab that uses ROES order entry. It is modified FTP program. Drag your file from the FTP staging area into a box formatted by your choice to 8x10, 4x6, 5x7, Zoom, crop, move the image around, hit enter. No sharpening required.. They have a $50,000.00 RIP from Kodak that does all the rest.
Pictures are exactly as you sent. AiProlab.com.

The problem is people only know 6 cents on Tuesday.

If you want, just hand them a roll of C41. They do all the rest. Same great results.

My wifes cousin is a radiologist and he hates his digital camera. With film he dropped it off, picked up and threw away the ones he did not like. I can not convince him to look at the pic on a screen and cull the bad. People get stuck in a rut. All his work comes over the net and he looks at dig x-ray all day long so he knows how to do it. Many use computers all day and do not want to do it for recreation too. Another thing to overcome.