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Thanks Erie. Three years?! Oh dear, that means it's been at least that long since I've been meaning to do this.
And if you have a domain name that is your personal name, and your name isn't very common, don't ever let it expire unless you don't care. After having several squatters think I'm paying $4k+ for the domain name, all off shore btw..., I finally got "lucky" and a squatter based in the US eventually owned it. It took baiting them into offering it for sale to me, then threatening an ACPA federal lawsuit from a lawyer (there's only one person named Erie Patsellis in the world, they purchased it solely for resale, have never used it legitimately (showing bad intent), etc...) before they realized that it would be better to simply surrender it to me, finally.

Now to figure out hosting not based in my office, as running a fat pipe, 3 single phase UPS's and a server 24x7x365 isn't practical anymore from a financial standpoint.