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A Plaubel Makina 67 I am looking at buying has a slight haze in the main viewfinder. Does anyone have any experience with the success of repair shops cleaning the viewfinder?
Let me add that while I don't have any experience with having a Makina repaired, I have owned both the 67 and the 670. I would suggest that unless the 67 is offered at a very favorable price or if the seller repairs the viewfinder, I would wait. One of the nice things about a Plaubel Makina is the big bright viewfinder and this one's already starting with a handicap. And while the 67 is a great camera, the 670 is better for a couple of reasons. It has a double-stroke winder intended to increase the longevity. It also has a hot shoe and a double locking mechanism for the back. And if it's important to you, it also has the capability of using 220 film which the 67 does not. In short, the 670 is a more desirable camera which equates to resale value.

While neither model is terribly abundant, they do show up on the used market with some regularity and there are some nice clean ones out there. There's nothing wrong with a clean 67, but I'd be hesitant to accept one in less than excellent operating condition, especially given their somewhat unique situation in that there are very few repair shops familiar with them.