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If all the easy to use color paper is going away, then 'those who wish to produce their color negative subtleness in camera (APUG)' might be out of luck.
Perhaps so. But my point here is, they still have a right to post their concerns regarding that fact without being accused of "wringing hankies..." or being subjected to "you're lucky to have..." judgements.

And that's regardless of the "status of color paper right now." Which, if others are to be believed, is "OK, but not outstanding."

It's the bullying factor I'm objecting to here...


P.S. I just now read 2F's above response right before I clicked Submit. To my mind, he summarizes the facts elegantly and correctly. And he is allowed to express that summation even if others do not necessarily agree with him. It is not a wringing of hankies to do so.