Hello c.d.ewen,

For the patatoe starch, i found the seller in France. Now i have to do a sort; by "lévigation" or with a sieve of 15 microns first.

In the book for the first varnish you need :

-pale latex crepe
-résène ( résène is from the "gomme de dammar" ) i think in in english you say "gum of dammar" . But you need just the wax (résène) of the "gum of dammar". To take the wax you put the "gum of dammar" in the "acétate d'éthyle".

Pale latex crepe is not referenced in the book....someone tell me .

For the second varnish something make me afraid..because you need to found "nitrate de cellulose" = nitocellulose ????