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You don't really need the size of 4x5 unless you print big all the time, i.e. larger than 16x20. If you use nothing but fast films, there would probably be an advantage too. There is a lot to be said for the convenience and cost factor of roll film (not to mention the availability of different products to fill your backs with). There are 6x9 options out there with plenty of movement for decent prices. I would look into the Horseman medium format technical cameras with their matching lenses.
Part of the appeal for me for 4x5 is the access to 150+ years worth of lenses you don't get with medium format systems. Lots of interesting styles and methods and choices for photography.

I do like the quality to be inherent to be able to make 16x20 prints. I don't do too many of them for cost and darkroom time constraints. I print mostly 8x10 & 11x14 for silver photos, and contact print for 4x5 alt-process. Sometimes I enlarge MF onto xray dupe film and contact print from that too.