Pro 160S box is 125g, 10 sheets, June 2011.

500T 35mm 400ft roll suits 35mm bulk loading - if you cant find someone to remove the remjet for C-41 process - I can do that for you

I've got one other can with 300ft left but I think I'll keep that, you got to rewind it onto a spool in the bulk loader in a change bag (what I do), or you can load it directly onto canisters with the spiny handle part stuck in the bottom of the canister, keep your hand over the edges of the reel of film so it doesnt come apart. Tape down the end of the film when done so it stays tight.

35 N4740 (1866) EI
5279 193 3101
(c) 1996 < ~15 years old.

Tin is 1.1kg. $13 Express including cost of packaging (about the same as regular for the weight).. but check! 17.5cmx17.5cmx4cm 1.1kg