2F/2F, your point certainly is 100% valid and agreeable.

However, I would like to give you a small reminder;

In medium-speed color neg film, the number of choices really didn't go down!

Just a few years ago, we had two choices, NC and VC. Now we have "NC" and Ektar. Palette has changed, but not actually reduced. Of course there was a short moment (a few years) when all the three were available, but that was very special in the current situation.

IMO, having two choices that differ from each other more than before, is a good thing because interpolating is easier than extrapolating. The changes you can make in the darkroom are slight, but I'd bet if you tinker around a bit, you can find a good alternative to VC either from the new "NC" or from the Ektar, by tweaking development time etc. Then, you actually have two new choices. If you had to extrapolate from VC to try to make it look like Ektar, you'd only have one choice.

Of course, if you personally needed just the VC, and you don't like Ektar, this won't do anything good for you.

But, it is impossible to satisfy every need. So yes, I agree it's a compromise or even a sacrifice, but only from some people's point of view.

I also print analog and don't like scanning, and still I'm glad about the new product line with Ektar replacing VC, for the reason I just stated. I find that I now have more possibilities.

The loss of papers optimized for optical enlarging (Supra Endura, Portra Endura) is a real loss compared to this, but I think we can overcome even that.