There's was a point in my life where listening to recorded music and buying stereo equipment was a substantial interest of mine. I would audition many components and developed a pretty discerning ear. One of the things I learned is that on a well set up system sometimes an LP sounds better and sometimes a cd sounds better. The process of recording is an art, and some people did this better than others, and some pieces of music do better digitally, some better analog.

But the author is right in his assertion that the move to MP3 was a turn from quality to quantity. The vast majority of my LP's would trounce an mp3 playback. However, when I listen to MP3's it's with the understanding that I am not trying to hear every note and the spaces between the players and the air in the recording venue. But when I spin up the turntable, I am reminded of live music.

There's a time and place for both digital and analog technologies, visual and aural.