Just rediscovered this thread thanks to Holmburgers. I have played around with some vision 3 500t in 35mm and even slit some down to 9 mm for my Minox cameras. I can barely get c41 developed where I live, so I have done some rolls xpro with the Tetanol kits. So far results are promising.

My development technique is hit of miss regardless of the color stock, but I must say it is pretty easy to do in Minox or 16mm form.

FWIW I would agree that the title should be renamed to something indicative of the ECN vein.

Good luck to all, I am now inspired to develop more of this stock. I have a few hundred feet of V3 500 and about 100 feet of the 250 in vision2, so that would feed a Minox for many many years of shooting.

I have not yet tried to 250 speed yet. For those that have, is there a noticeable increase in image quality?