Ya know, we have 21 months into this project. 21 months of sacrificed pagan chickens and tofuburgers. 21 months of combined energy pushing this camera around the world.

Let's finish it. I want to see at a minimum, every one claim their photo and give a brief description of what made you take this photo. I would like dialog either here in this thread, or in the gallery under the photos of what you see in others work. A discussion of what you like and why, or what you (gasp) don't like or understand. The project is pushing a camera around the world, from one hand to another. But... the project is about what we share as artists, using the ultimate in primitive photo materials to show the breath of our vision, like in "The Deer Hunter"... One shot, that's all you get.

Please label your photos, describe the image you took and why, and browse all the other photos in the collection and relate. Or don't relate.

That's the spirit of "We All Shoot One Camera"

tim in san jose