Hello everyone, I'm really hoping someone has some experience with one of these, and I hope it isn't just a bad case of operator error.

I know it probably wasn't designed as such, but I have an Anscoflex that I would consider a toy camera, and like any good toy, it broke.

The winding knob will no longer advance the top reel, so I can't load film into it.

I was previously able to run a roll of Ilford HP-5 120 film through it and I didn't run into any problems, but I tried to run some Fuji Neopan through it, and was able to wind it up to the first picture. Once I took it, I tried to advance to the next frame, but the film wouldn't move. I got the film out, and I see that the top reel no longer moves. The shutter still works, and the wheel will release it once It's been pushed.

If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it very much.