Hi all,

if anybody knows of a business that would expertly repair and service Rolleiflex TLR's, then I would be happy as a duck in a pond. If you have contact information it's even better.

I have heard really good things about S.K. Grimes, but they do more custom machining than repair, methinks. I still may end up using them, but I'm open to suggestion.

My Rolleiflex has a bad habit of not wanting to wind film when it's cold out (20*F/-8*C or below). The mechanism locks up and the crank just spins around, seemingly without any resistance. It's really strange, as when I get it back into warmer air for 5 or 10 minutes it starts working fine again. I used to have two Rollei's, decided to sell one, and ended up with the one that decided to act up... Murphy is ever present.

Anyway, I'll be thankful for hints in any direction, but prefer if you have experience with the businesses you recommend.

- Thom