The other half to this is Soviet glass is cheap. Stick with the collapsible Industar 22 for a 50. The 85/2 Jupiter 2 is bit massive for this body. The 35/2.8 Jupiter 12 works really well with this body.

Alternatives are the venerable FED 2, (type D or type E), with the same range of shutter speeds, but offers a combined RF/viewfinder, wide RF base and removeable back for film loading. Like the Zorki 1, the FED 2 has a nice hand-hold that feels solid.

The disadvantage of the old Zorki 1 is that film loading is like a Leica and the viewfinder is small. On the upside, the design is very light proof and with a collapsible 50 or the Jupiter 12 it is very compact.

There are times with the 50/3.5 that you will run out of Zorki in low light. Either rate Tri-X at 1600 or spring for a Zorki 3, which retains the Leica styling, but offers the shutter speed range of the Leica III's. The Zorki 3 viewfinder is huge in comparison to the Zorki 1. For the modern look and easier film loading there is Zorki 6, which isn't a bad choice for a budget RF.