Total and complete failure lol.

My wife loaded, took them and developed them in a photo class (going for her BFA). I only told her how every thing works.
So we'll start off with error #1 - loaded the film emulsion side in . The day she was going to load it, we tried to remember how it went, but couldn't. A couple days later, I finally remembered that we loaded backwards...
Problem #1 - our dark cloth isn't dark enough. Easy fix, but just a little problem for now in a studio.
Error #2 - failure at first taco method try. Loaded and shot 2 holders. Taco'd without any hair ties/bands/anything. 2 developed fine (not turned out fine, see error #1), 2 sheets unfolded and stuck during agitation

As far as I can tell, the actual shooting process went OK though! Obviously can't be sure lol.

Oh well, live and learn. And I'm glad we're using sheets, so this whole exercise cost about $2 - or less than the gas for her to get to school.

I figure this will either help people getting ready to shoot, or will give more experienced shooters a good chuckle