I was going off KEH's price to sell one already in stock and tested. about half of that.

And yes, if I get sucked into this swamp, I'll be open for any options.

And of course,,, I've already started pricing trinkets for my old Nikon F I got in the early 70's. I'll never get a wide angle for my 5x7 ;-) Dad had an old beat up '06 for deer hunting. One year he bought a super, almost brand new Browining with every bell and whistle you can imagin. He'd get all ready to go hunting,,, and the day befor leaving, he'd sneak the old gun in the truck. I dont' think the new gun ever did make it into the hills with him. I'm about the same with my F. I've got a nice Linholf 4x5 technika, a really nice mini-speed graphic with everything, and so on and so forth. When I do finally get out the door,,, guess what's in the seat next to me?