Ok, edited to maintain a better level of privacy for PR. The remaining message is pretty harmless and I don't feel that it violates his privacy. If other's feel the same as Ray, please PM me and tell me so. I realize that my level of comfort with regards to online privacy probably differs from others and so it's certainly possible that some things that I don't bat an eye at would make other's skin crawl.

My thinking in posting this communication was that of a journalist; sharing the facts. Photoresearcher is self-admittedly not fond of the computer, and it occured to me that perhaps I had a "rare document" that would be of interest to anyone awaiting word on his project. By including his name (removed now) I thought in some naive way that maybe it was only fair; to give the credit to an actual person and not just an online persona.

Ray, I definitely see your point and concede to a degree, but in life and online, I'd rather push someone's comfort zone for the greater good than shy away for fear of the potential and thus leave nothing for nobody.