Congratulations Ron! Welcome to the Film Club You're going to be having a blast. Making roll film opens up a world of possibilities. All those orphan cameras begging to be adopted! No reason to stop at 120. Don't forget its variant, 620, as well as 127 and 828 (sprocketless 35mm). I went out shooting last weekend with eight different cameras loaded with four different formats. Most fun I've had in just about forever. As soon as I get a new batch of rolls made for this coming weekend in the wonderously photogenic Oregon Cascades, I'll get a neg or two printed and posted. (I posted a picture of the selvage of a cut-out 120 roll on the thread about punching sprockets.)

Many, many thanks again to Vaughn and Will for helping me collect enough backing paper and spools. Thanks, Guys! Free film-making lesson anytime you're in the neighborhood .

I've been working with a very generous sample of 340 hydrophilic polyester given to me by its manufacturer. Coats and processes like a dream. I'll post all the details on TLF, with a link from here, as soon as I've worked out an arrangement for other people to get their hands on the product.

carpe diem!