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I never cease to be amazed at all the new ways I find to screw up LF film. Especially when I think I have finally learned to use it.

Ain't that the truth! After not shooting LF since 1998 or so, and very little film of any size, I took the Linhof out a couple of weekends ago. Forgot the filter factor once, applied the filter factor TWICE once after being distracted in the midst of calculating, and, in a totally new to me event - snapped the shutter and thought, "Humm that didn't sound right..." When I started to remove my square filter holder I saw the shutter was still open. I had managed to jam the shutter cocking lever on the old Kodak Flashmatic shutter of my 203 Ektar so that the shutter opened but didn't close until I moved the filter holder! It's always something!