You can find a development chart for any film and any developer from either Freestyle Photo or Digitaltruth Photo web site. I would try D76 or HC110 for general use. When you want to play around, try one of the Pyro developers like Formulary WD2D+. Be very careful with Pyro and always wear latex gloves. If you get any on your skin it will kill your skin cells. I learned the hard way. My finger tips on my left hand are just now healing up from developing sheet film in a dip and dunk about 8 months ago. In short, any film you like for 35mm will work for you with medium format. Rollie Retro is fun stuff, so is Fuji Acros. If you like to shoot wide open with fast shutter speeds and lots of light, 100 ISO is pretty much standard, 400 ISO is what you might want for less light...basic rules for the "Sunny16" style of shooting.