I have used Cranes Kid finish..that's what the print was done on I sent to you Jorge...it is very thin paper (or at least what I got from Bostick and Sullivan) was.and while it might be easy to coat, it really does not work that well for Ziatypes (IMO-YMMV). COT320 and Arches Platine seem to work much better for the way my process works. Give both of these a try, think you will be happy with them...one note, the COT320 white, can be very 'White' so if you are looking for a warm tone, it might not be the best paper, there are way to many here that can give you a better idea of how these papers perform than I can. Listen to what they tell you..it is mostly from experience they speak...and hopefully you(we) can avoid some of the problems they have already encountered.