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Its a bit far north for many of you but I thought I'd post about a show of his work up here. The Fort Collins Museum of Art is showing Ansel's Museum Set. Sorry, but its only running through March 15th...I was a bit slow in thinking about posting this.
My wife and I went by a couple days ago and enjoyed it (I did at least, she's not really into this kind of thing).
So anyhow, if ya care check it out here for hours and such;


If this is the set that is owned by Ansel's daughter, it is well worth going to see. I saw the show in Monterey and enjoyed it so much I saw it three more times before it ended. Monterey is 100 miles from my home and it was still worth it. The only print 'I didn't care for was "The Golden Gate Before The Bridge". I like this picture, but i felt that the print in this show was printed too dark and flat. Everything else was just fine.