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If this is the set that is owned by Ansel's daughter, it is well worth going to see. I saw the show in Monterey and enjoyed it so much I saw it three more times before it ended. Monterey is 100 miles from my home and it was still worth it. The only print 'I didn't care for was "The Golden Gate Before The Bridge". I like this picture, but i felt that the print in this show was printed too dark and flat. Everything else was just fine.
I didn't see anything about the sets ownership but it is a set that Ansel apparently chose himself as the pictures he wanted to be shown. One of the things I liked was seeing what he liked, and also that they are shown in chronological order so you can see how his worked progressed over the years. A very good show, if I get a chance I'd like to see it again before it moves on. Work however is currently conspiring against that happening...
Oh yeah, they are also showing a movie about Ansels life, I think its about 110 minutes. I saw a bit and it looked like the Ric Burns film which was very good. The film runs constantly all day.