Shouldn't be a big deal. I started out pinholing with an adapted press camera and assumed I would want fast film, so I bought some 400. When I finally got to the point of using it, I discovered - at least with my specific camera parameters - that the fast film was putting me down into 1/4 second or 1/2 second exposures. That's pretty difficult to time consistently or accurately with a simple flap shutter, so I ended up getting some 100 speed to get out into the seconds range. Since it looks as though you're about to do 100 stuff; I'd say that's a good start.

Being faster than paper, it will be more sensitive to light leaks or handling errors outside the camera, but that should be manageable. Some films are pretty bad on reciprocity, so you may have to compensate the exposures relative to what the meter indicates, but I think we had that discussion earlier.

So try it! Have fun!