Hi all,

Just aquired a new 'toy' and having a great deal of fun. I've printed out one of the 2.8f manuals, but didn't see any information re: 2 different mechanisms on the camera.

(1) facing the lens and to the right of the serial # and inscription DBGM (what might that be?) is a toggle switch, the down position shows a red dot, and the up position covers it. I've noticed no difference funtionally up/down, what gives?

(2) On the meter side of the camera is the 'take up spool' numbered 1-40, with a red dot over 38, though no apparent funtionality for me so far, using 120 film. Again, I didn't see anything in the F manual detailing this, so what the number reference. Also, I can push the center of this knob in, but so far as i can tell, it didn't do anything even while trying to change the position of the numbers. So what am I missing?

TIA - having only had the camera for 4 days now, it's been a lot of fun. Looking at the fist dev'd neg's, focus will need a little practice. I'm still working out the bug's with the best way to hold it as well. Index on the shutter doesn't feel natural.