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Lighting in these type of places is extremely challenging without a huge F2.8 300mm or so lens and a fantastic focus ability (or auto system).
Sigh. I've been watching eBay for one of these in manual Minolta MD for 3 years. Only about 2 or 3 have shown up and they went for way more than I am willing to pay.

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That being said, I've had great luck with Delta 3200 (black and white) in difficult lighting conditions. I'll see if I have any samples floating around. I don't shoot much color, so I'll leave that for others.
This happens next Friday, and I think Mike's at Park Meadows has some in stock. Thanks for the recommendation. The Provia was probably a mistake, with the high contrast lighting in that place. I've also learned to take a few meter readings before the game and set it on full manual - The crowd is much darker than the floor so the meter will tell lies if used during the game.

BTW - I've been lurking for quite a while. You may not shoot color much, but what you do looks pretty good to me.