Shooting sports is a fun activity with the right equipment. I did it all through high school and college. I wouldn't seriously shoot action as a spectator at an NBA game because I'm spoiled and I'd rather at the end of the court with the camera or not do it at all. I miss shooting sports and am a little envious of the guys and gals who cover the games and sit at the end of the court, fending off balls and tumbling players. Normal consumer/enthusiast film camera AF won't cut it for basketball. You need a pro camera from the '90's made by Nikon/Canon if you want good AF for sports for film. Lacking good AF you have to zone focus or have many many hours of practice with a lens to know how to intuitively keep it in focus while watching action. Keeping the other eye open while one is in the viewfinder is good for your personal safety and to see how players are moving in three dimensions as that's not always apparent in the viewfinder. If you have a hankering to shoot sports regularly, you might seek some local opportunities. Just as challenging (unless it's girl's school basketball which can be a little boring due to the gentler pace) but a smaller audience.