Well, I just got back from the festival. Got down to Lake Burley Griffin at about 6.20 just as the balloons were starting to take off. Set the camera up and then had about 6 other people set up just near me. I had a chat with 2 people who came up to me. They both recognised the camera for what it was. One has inherited his fathers Thornton Pickard, and the second used a LF camera at the tertiary institution she attended and is good friends with Rob Gray. She wants me to come and give a talk to her students about "real photography, not digital" (her words), so I said yes and gave her my card.
I ended up taking 16 shots, ranging for 8 seconds down to 2 seconds. I was shooting Efke 25, but I really wished that I had some 8x10 Velvia. Jenni came with me and used her DSLR and got some very good shots. You know, it's a shame I can't convince her to take up film photography again, she'd actually print some of her shots that way.
Hopefully I'll be able to process the shots I took in the next week or 2. Then I've just got to find a scanner to upload them to flickr for all to see.