Ok, guys, I've been about a month here now.
I really love Shanghai!
And I have yet to experience most of it!
But I live next to the university in a good neighborhood, I've made friends (including two Chinese who speak greek), I've bought a bicycle and connected with the local cyclists, I been in many restaurants and had a hint of the bar scene.
I am learning the language and next week I also start calligraphy , painting and taijiquan. I am also looking for a ballet school and possibly a wing chun school if I manage my time well.
I have been taking photos, but they are snapshots of little things, with my cell phone mostly.
I haven't really used the Rolleiflex and the Holga I brought with me as I am waiting for a more peaceful mind when I have everything better organized.

I met with Kal Khogali and Derek Xu and we had a blast! Looking forward to seeing them again!

So, if anyone else happens to be around and want to meet, don't hesitate to send me a message.