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Folks- Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I have used the split printing method. For production work this method is time consuming-much on/off of switches. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a single method of producing various grades. Trial an error just to get in the "ballpark"! Too many choices with not a lot of direction.
Split printing is the best way to use this enlarger, as long as you have the Zone VI Compensating Enlarger Timer. I suppose it can be used without, but then you are at the mercy of the inconsistencies of a cold light tube.

Even with the compensating timer, I would not use this head except for split printing. The problem is that the green and blue aren't separately controlled on the Type I as they are on the Type II. The compensating timer will only "control" both light outputs at the same time. So, one might obtain a "consistent" overall exposure with the compensating timer, each head can still vary on it's own and together produce different contrasts over time at the same settings.

However, using the green and blue tubes separately, as in split printing, each tube becomes separately controlled by the single compensating timer. So, both consistent exposure and consistent contrast can be obtained.

I know this, because I have the Type I. I would get what I wanted in a print, come back later to reporduce the print, and the contrast was wrong. Printing notes obviously didn't help. I don't like split printing, so I adapted a different head to this enlarger.