The above posts hit all the right highlights. I've returned to shooting with my Pen and other half frames because I want the 'shoot without cost' feeling of digital, but the 'look' of film. Granted, it's not completely cost-free, but 72 exposures per roll gives you added freedom, and the extra grain that comes from enlarging a smaller negative is not entirely unwelcome. If you want to see an art book of photos shot with a Pen, look at Daido Moriyama's recently issued "1971" (samples on Photoeye or Amazon). Not sure if he had an SLR or a viewfinder. The SLR shutter is indeed loud but very firm - like the metallic 'thunk' of 60s/70s metal SLRs. It's OK if you don't mind your subjects noticing you're shooting them. Otherwise, go for a quiet Pen D or EE viewfinder model.