I moved recently, and my new space can only support one enlarger, so my Beseler 23cII has to go.

I bought it a couple years ago from an old employee who had worked at Brown's Photo in Minneapolis. It had been a demo model, then he used it for personal use, then I used it for my personal use. As such, it's clean and in good condition.

The original owner had put in an Aristo cold light source, and the enlarger comes with the baseboard, power supply, 35mm negative carrier, and all the bits and pieces for the enlarger head.

I don't know what brand new Beseler 23cIIs come with, but this one has everything needed to function properly and expose prints (except lens board and lens*).

This is for local pick-up only in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. If you want to take a look or need extra photos, send me a PM.

Asking price: $75

*Lens/lensboard are not included, but if you need them, I can sell a lensboard with el-Nikkor 50/4 for a small additional cost.