Hi Steve,
When I get to print them, I'll send you one. By the way, how are Laura and the baby?
Today, I'm going to walk to the top of Mt Taylor here in Canberra with Jenni and her sister and some friends of hers. It's been raining a bit, so I'm actually hoping for a full on thunder and lightning show to photograph. Yes, I am going to slog up the mt with the 8x10, so I might as well hope for something dramatic. I should be able to get some panoramics from the top.
We went to Sydney yesterday, leaving about 6.20 and driving through thick fog for most of the way. I wish I had the camera because I would have got some stunners. HUge orb spider webs covered in dew with the fog hanging all around. You never have a camera when you need one, eh?
Anyway, I've got to go, just made a pav to take with me to Jenni's sister's place, and now we're off to the Queanbeyan cemetery where Jenni's parents are buried.
I've just started shift work on Thursday, working in a psych ward of Canberra hospital, so I'm finally going to have some money to join Camera Access to develop and print my photos.
Talk nto you soon.