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Hi Ralph,
Where did you get your figures? (I don't doubt them) My calculations, from the designer at pinhole.cz came to .282 mm, but I figured .3 was about as precise as I could get without specialized tools. ...
Two optimum pinhole diameter equations exist. One is optimized for resolution d = sqrt(3.66*lambda*f), the other for sharpness d = sqrt(2.44*lambda*f), lambda being the wavelength of light and f being the focal length. In your case, the former returns d = 0.29 mm for resolution and the latter d = 0.23 mm for sharpness, assuming a wavelength of 555 nm and a focal length of 40 mm. Most people, subjectively, prefer sharpness over resolution.

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It's not a big deal, but you may want to experiment with both and see which you like best.